Stena Bulk reveals IMOFlexMAX tanker prototype

The next-generation product and chemical tankers will feature Flettner rotors and solar panels and will be powered by dual-fuelled engines running on LNG as well as conventional low sulphur fuels.

The IMOFlexMAX has been designed by naval architects at Stena Bulk’s sister company, Stena Teknik. The vessel’s greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by over 25% compared to modern product tankers, with the potential to reach up to a 45% reduction. Emissions of SOX, NOX and particle emissions will also be ‘dramatically’ reduced, said Stena Bulk.

The plan is for the IMOFlexMAX vessels to be deployed in Stena Bulk’s logistics system in the global market along with the IMOIIMAX,’ said the company’s President & CEO, Erik Hanell.

‘The IMOFlexMAX vessels will constitute an important asset for Stena Bulk, as well as for its partners, in strengthening our position as the market-leading, cross-trading specialists in the MR segment with increased efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases.’

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes