BMW: UECC and GoodShipping Program trial will cut its CO2 emissions by 550 tonnes

BMW: UECC and GoodShipping trial will cut its CO2 emissions by 550 tonnes

BMW Group’s transport logistics business sees the use of second-generation biofuel oil ‘as a high potential short-term solution and bridge technology’ for reducing CO2 emissions from transportation.

Earlier this month BMW joined the UECC and Goodshipping Program trial which began in March and uses a drop-in’ biofuel based on cooking oil and supplied by GoodFuels.

BMW Group will pay a fuel premium for a biofuel volume which equates to the company’s freight that will be carried on UECC’s vehicle carrier Autosky during the trial period.

A spokesman for BMW said that the group ‘is delighted to partner with UECC and the Goodshipping Program to test biofuel oil’.

He said the volume of biofuel bought relates to around 1,600 vehicles which are due to be shipping from Zeebrugge to Santander during the course of the trial.

He explained that the aim of the collaboration in the project for BMW was ‘to test the use of biofuel oil on one of our supplier’s` deep sea vessels to evaluate [the] possible upscaling of the use of further shipments with biofuel and further reduction of CO2 emissions.’

He also noted that participation in the project was intended to ‘empower the use of second-generation biofuel oil from the customer side’.

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes