First LNG bunker delivery at Port of Dénia

The LNG refuelling of the Baleària ferry, Bahama Mama, was also the first to be carried out at a port owned by the Generalitat Valenciana.

The bunkering operation, carried out on 1 July, used a multi-truck to ship system involving two ESK tankers, each with a capacity of 41 cubic metres.

Puerto Natura, a Baleària company that manages the Dénia maritime station, has authorisation to manage gas supplies at the port.

The Bahama Mama ferry returned to service last week after being retrofitted to operate on LNG at the Gibdock shipyard in Gibraltar. Two LNG tanks have also been installed onboard the ship with a storage capacity of 260 cubic metres, which will allow the ferry to operate for 750 nautical miles before refuelling.

The ferry will operate on a daily service that connects Dénia with Ibiza and Palma de Mallorc

According to Baleària, switching to LNG will reduce the ferry’s emissions of CO2 by 9,257.34 tons each year and of NOx by 885.13 tons. SOx and particle emissions have been completely eliminated. The company estimates that the annual carbon dioxide savings equate to taking 6,600 passenger cars off the road.

The Bahama Mama is the fifth Baleària ship which can operate on LNG, and the Sicily will also return to the fleet at the end of July after the completion of a LNG retrofit at a yard in Portugal.

The ferry operator is investing €380 million in its LNG retrofit and newbuild programme. By 2021, it will have nine vessels able to operate on LNG.

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes