Singapore’s EMA looking to appoint more LNG importers

Singapore’s Energy Market Authority (EMA) has issued a Request for Proposals to appoint up to two new LNG term importers in order to ‘enhance competition and provide more options for gas buyers’.

In a statement issued on Thursday (9 July), the EMA said: ‘Natural gas is one of four switches in Singapore’s Energy Story towards a more reliable, affordable and cleaner energy future. It is expected to be the dominant fuel for Singapore in the near future as we scale up our renewable energy options.’

The current LNG term importers are Pavilion Energy Singapore Pte Ltd and Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd – both of which were appointed in 2017 via an RFP. As previously reported by Bunkerspot, both Pavilion Energy and Shell are looking to take a leading role in Singapore’s LNG bunkering market.

Parties interested in the EMA’s RFP must submit their proposals by 9 November. More details are available at:

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes