E5 Lab launches ROBOSHIP electric vessel project

Japanese venture e5 Lab has begun the development of the ROBOSHIP, which will establish standard models of zero emission vessels with electric propulsion – plus ROBOSHIP BOX, which encompasses telecommunications, the Internet of Things (IoT) and sofward.

e5 Lab was established last year as a joint venture between Asahi Tanker, Exeno Yamamizu, MOL and Mitsubishi to develop electrically-powered ships.

In March this year, Asahi announced that it has plans to develop two zero emission electrically powered tankers which are scheduled to be completed in March 2022 and March 2023, and will be used to supply marine fuel in Tokyo Bay.

Now the e5 Lab team has announced plans to develop two types of electric vessels as part of the ROBOSHIP project – 499 tons and 749 tons, respectively.

E5 Lab notes that it is aiming to keep construction costs under 5% above the cost of comparable existing vessels. Version 1.0 of the ROBOSHIP s slated for delivery in 2022.
e5 Lab and its partners will also offer the ROBOSHIP BOX which is described as ‘the foundation that connects the vessel and shore and enables shore-side support using digital technology’.

The company noted that: ‘The broad application of the ROBOSHIP and ROBOSHIP BOX will realise competitive and value-added vessels from various aspects such as environmental friendliness, economy, quality, and performance, with the goal of achieving a transition to electric vessels and digitalisation in the ocean shipping and maritime industries’.

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes