Report highlights importance of zero-emission fuel provision at Scottish ports

One of the considerations proposed in the report, titled Ports for offshore wind: A review of the net-zero opportunity for ports in Scotland, highlights the need for zero-emissions fuelling opportunities in order to cater to cutting edge offshore and maintenance (O&M) vessels in the sector.

‘Bespoke O&M vessels operating from known ports are strong candidates for use of zero-carbon vessel fuel prior to wider adoption in shipping,’ the report noted.

Among the low-emissions provisions referenced in the port were electrical shore power as well as ‘lower carbon vessel fuel’ such as LNG. The report also highlighted the need for provision for ‘near zero-carbon vessel fuel’ such as ‘“green hydrogen” generated with renewable electricity’.

The report found: ‘Any [port] upgrade proposals must be compatible with a future fully decarbonised lifecycle for offshore wind such that they can be net-zero in operation.

‘Considerations should include provision of local renewable energy supply for a manufacturing facility, zero-carbon fuel provision to vessels and to port equipment for component handling and assembly.’

To view the report, click here.

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry