Hybrid tug set-up could halve diesel consumption, says Port of Luleå Technical Director

In July 2019 the Vilja became the first vessel to use Wärtsilä’s hybrid power module solution, the Wärtsilä HY.

Speaking during Tug Technology Week, organised by Riviera Maritime, Sundvall provided a summary of the first year of operations.

‘We actually got a better fuel economy than expected,’ said Sundvall.

Following Vilja’s hybrid configuration, a typical 90-minute mission would, in some cases, see the vessel consume around 40 litres of diesel fuel compared to around 200 litres for a fully mechanical setup, said Sundvall.

‘Of course, we have the electrical energy consumption on top of that but it’s still a lot of reduced emissions and also cost actually,’ said Sundvall.

‘We haven’t actually measured and gotten the figures yet…but in all I think we could reduce diesel consumption by half.’

Sundvall explained that all operations to and from missions were carried out exclusively in electrical mode – diesel consumption only occurs during tug missions – and that the port had been impressed by the performance of such configuration.

‘For the electrical mode, we get a slightly better range than expected,’ said Sundvall, adding, ‘we have done some missions, when assisting smaller vessels at least, fully electrically.’

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry