Powerzeek adds liquefied biogas to digital clean fuels platform

In response to demand from the shipping market, Powerzeek is now supplying liquefied biogas (LBG) alongside LNG on its digital fuel procurement platform

Powerzeek opened its doors for business in April and since then engaged LNG suppliers with a total supply capacity of over 800,000 tons of LNG.

Biogas is produced from organic waste materials such as food waste, sewage and agricultural waste/manure, and Powerzeek highlights that the carbon dioxide that is released when burning biogas is from sources that would anyway release CO2 or methane.

‘Liquefied biogas is therefore a sustainable and renewable product that does not add any new CO2 into the atmosphere, it could even capture more than it emits,’ said the company.

Both LBG and LNG consist mainly of methane (CH4) and have the same cryogenic temperature in liquid form. This means that equipment used for the storage and transport of LNG can also be used for LBG.

Powerzeek CEO Dag Lilletvedt commented on the next step in the platform’s clean fuel offering: ‘It is with great pleasure we add LBG as a renewable energy to our platform.

‘Ten years ago, I had the pleasure to set up a supply chain of LBG between the UK and Sweden, which enabled a landfill gas producer in London to sell their biogas to a transport company in Stockholm. When we now add LBG to our online platform, we are making it easier for these type of market players to meet and agree on the trade of this renewable energy.’

Biogas Oslofjord is a network of three counties in and around Oslo which is actively promoting the production and use of biogas in the region.  Commenting on Powerzeek´s addition of LBG into its platform Biogas Oslofjord coordinator Karen Sund said: LBG is a great solution for maritime sector, both blending into LNG and gradually replacing LNG. It is already used in trucks, so production and liquefying capacity is growing.

‘We see biogas and LBG as a way to bring Norway closer to its climate cut targets. In addition, it will solve several waste problems and add to the circular economy.’

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes