Eddie Valentios

The podcast: Eddie Valentis of Pyxis Maritime Corp and Pyxis Tanker Inc

In this edition of the podcast, Eddie Valentis, CEO of Pyxis Maritime Corp and Pyxis Tanker Inc (NASDAQ: PXS) tells Mark Williams how smaller and independent ship owners have to hang together to influence the process of decarbonisation.  The pair discuss the challenges of raising capital to invest in new low-carbon technologies and compare notes on whether regulators are giving independent ship owners a clear signal as to their intentions and the most likely path to the IMO’s carbon reduction goals.

The podcast has its finger on the pulse of the marine energy transition. In the coming weeks and months it will feature the views and perspectives of the key stakeholders and opinion-formers who are engaged in shaping shipping’s evolution to becoming a low – and ultimately zero – GHG emissions industry.

Expect some forthright, always informative – and sometimes controversial – opinions from the leaders of the global shipping, marine fuels and technology sectors

Join the journey and listen to the growing discussion about shipping’s mission to be a ‘clean’ industry.

Eddie Valentis
Mark Williams