CIMAC sets up Digitalization Strategy Group

The International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) has set up a new Digitalization Strategy Group.

Capt. Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory Affairs, ABB Marine & Ports, the designated chair of the new group, said: ‘We need a consolidated vision of how digitalization of propulsion and power generation topics will contribute to the digitalization of the maritime industry as a whole. Recognising that the important topic needs the industry’s attention and clarification, we are convinced that in the long run digitalization will contribute to improved operational efficiencies and safety of the entire maritime logistics chain. The CIMAC Digitalization Strategy Group is in no doubt a first step in this direction.’

Rick Boom, Director – Marketing, Woodward, and CIMAC Vice-President, added: “Digitalization is such an important topic to our industry, I’m pleased that CIMAC is taking a leading role to help provide a perspective in decision making to our members and all stakeholders on the topic.’

The group’s inaugural meeting – which was attended by representatives from engine manufacturers, component suppliers, classification societies, system integration solution providers and universities – was held online, due to current COVID-19 situation.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor