Korean Register of Shipping opens LNG fuel and bunkering simulation centre

The Korean Register of Shipping (KR) has established an LNG fuel and bunkering simulation centre (KR LSC) at its International Education and Training Centre in Busan.

Following the opening ceremony today (15 September), a mutual business agreement was signed with Korean LNG company Transgas Solution (TGS) to establish an operator training simulator (OTS) system used for operational training on LNG-powered ships and for ship-to-ship bunkering.

KR said the facility has been established for the purpose of facilitating the growth of the LNG-fuelled shipping and LNG bunkering industry in the country.

According to KR, the use of LNG as fuel is expected to continue to increase and by extension the LNG bunkering sector will grow too. Additionally, KR noted that the scale and technology demand for LNG-fuelled shipping and bunkering are also expected to increase gradually.

The KR LSC is expected to provide comprehensive services relating to LNG operations, including customised trial and optimal operations for LNG fuel supply and bunkering systems. It will also conduct detailed risk analysis for ships propelled by eco-friendly fuels such as LNG, hydrogen, and ammonia.

Additionally, the Korean classification society says it plans to collaborate with TGS to develop training programmes that combine the use of the operator training simulator with virtual reality technology.

Taebeom Ha, Head of the Research Division of the Korean Register of Shipping, said: ‘The Korean Register of Shipping provides technical services such as structural strength evaluation, temperature distribution analysis, and thermal stress analysis for LNG carriers. It has already reached the world’s best level.

‘Based on this, it has secured unrivalled competitiveness in the LNG propulsion ship and bunkering sector. We will provide high-quality LNG technology services to customers around the world.’

Lee Jae-ik, CEO of TGS, said: ‘I welcome this collaboration with KR, our work to develop advanced education and training using the Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is hugely important and underpins our commitment to training LNG experts across the maritime sector and engineering industry.’

Meanwhile, KR says it is in the process of securing test technology for LNG-fuelled ship engines and after-treatment equipment through its Greenship Equipment Testing and Certification Centre (TCC) established in Gunsan in 2015. Through the TCC, the class society is able to provide unified LNG-related technical services by implementing pre-processing equipment and adding simulation technology.

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry