Norwegian pair to develop green marine technologies

Solstad Offshore has signed a cooperation agreement with electrical and automation products developer Westcon Power & Automation to further develop environmental and sustainable technologies.

The agreement is expected to help offshore service and supply ship shipping company Solstad Offshore continue its decarbonisation efforts.

Solstad Offshore has already installed green battery hybrid packages onboard seven vessels and facilitated ‘for numerous vessels’ to connect to shore power.

Solstad Offshore says the size of its fleet – the company boasts more than 100 vessels – allows it to leverage best practice innovations and transfer the practice to other vessels.

‘To reach climate neutral operations by 2050 is an ambitious target,’ said Tor Inge Dale, Chief Operating Officer, Solstad Offshore. ‘Year to date we have achieved a decarbonisation of 20% and we are continuously evaluating measures of improvement through our sustainability program.

Dale added: ‘This frame agreement is a steppingstone to reach our target including UN sustainable development goals 13 – Climate action.’

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry