Floating jetty for waste collection launched in Norway

The dock, developed by PG Flow Solutions and Norwegian green tech start-up Clean Sea Solutions, collects ocean plastic, diesel film and other floating pollutants.

Launched in Drammen, the Clean Sea PG Aqua Pod is a flexible, modular floating dock with an ocean waste collection functionality integrated between the dock’s pontoons. Plastic debris from around the pod flows into an internal collection pool through ‘waterfalls’ created by an electric pump, which create a surface skimming effect between the dock’s pontoons.

Clean Sea Solutions developed the concept of the dock while PG Flow Solutions has developed the final design and delivered the high-capacity pump that is used in combination with the dock.

The first dock was launched in Drammen, Norway last week, and if all goes to plan, the docks will be rolled out on a global basis from spring 2021 onwards.

‘Through creating a continuous suction effect below the waste collection tank integrated in the floating dock, the high capacity pump will ensure that waste from a relatively large area can be gathered in the tank’s filters and subsequently removed from the ocean,’ said Carl Engelstad, mechanical designer at PG Flow Solutions, and the engineer behind the PG-Aqua Pod.

Steve Paulsen, CEO of PG Flow Solutions, added: ‘We are utilising the same pump technology that we have installed on hundreds of vessels around the world. Part of our sustainability efforts is to identify new ways of utilising technologies that have previously proven their worth in the marine, shipping and offshore industries.’

In order to encourage take-up of the Aqua Pod, the dock will also be made available on a leasing basis.

Photo credit: Trond Teigen

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes