Japan Engine launches new model for smaller vessels

Japan Engine has announced it is developing a new engine model, the UEC33LSH, which will offer ‘good fuel economy’ and a ‘highly environmentally-friendly performance’

The new engine model will be the successor to the UEC33LSII, which Japan Energy describes as ‘a prime mover for small size vessels’.

According to Japan Energy, the UEC33LSH-C2 type engine will meet the market demands of cement carriers, asphalt carriers, small-size bulkers, chemical tankers, LPG tankers, ‘adopting an ultra-wide power range to enable wider engine speed selection’.

Japan Energy said the new engine model will offer ‘a quite low fuel consumption, which is far superior to other electronically-controlled engines’.

The UEC33LSH is the third model of the UEC-LSH series (which also includes the UEC50LSH and UEC42LSH) and it is scheduled to be on the market in March 2022.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor