Transport Secretary talks up UK hydrogen hub potential

A new hydrogen transport hub in Tees Valley, UK, is expected to pave the way for exploring how green hydrogen could power various modes of transport, including maritime, across the UK, says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) has commissioned a masterplan, expected to be published in January, to understand the feasibility of the hub and how it can accelerate the UK’s ambitions in hydrogen.

The aim would then be for the region, in the northeast of England, to become a global leader in industrial research on the subject of hydrogen as a fuel, as well as a research and development (R&D) hub for hydrogen transport more generally, attracting hundreds of jobs and boosting the local economy in the process.

The DfT says it is developing even more ways to slash emissions across transport, as work to create a transport decarbonisation plan continues. The plan, DfT claims, will develop a ‘first-of-a-kind’ approach to decarbonise every mode of transport and is due to be published before the end of this year.

‘As we continue on our road to a green recovery, we know that to really harness the power of transport to improve our country – and to set a global gold standard – we must truly embed change,’ said Shapps. ‘That’s why I’m delighted that, through our plans to build back better, we’re embracing the power of hydrogen and the more sustainable, greener forms of transport it will bring.’

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry