Ship operators sign up to use Wilhelmsen’s digital mooring system

Wilhelmsen has reported that Synergy Ocean, Viking Cruises, Berge Bulk and Finnlines have signed up to use its new digital mooring system aboard their vessels.

The Smart Ropes system features a measuring unit embedded within the mooring rope which transmits key information about tension and other data to a command module on the bridge.

According to Wiihelmsen, the system will help to ‘ensure mooring ropes have the right tension, in the right place, at the right time, all the time’.

Wilhmelmsen added: ‘Utilising the latest wireless protocols optimised for low battery usage, the sensor, its outer casing and the command module elements have all been improved over several iterations, in collaboration with engineering partner Hugg. Housed in a cigar-shaped, heavy duty metal baton, the final version of the sensor and battery unit weighs just under 1 kg and has no influence or impact on the handling of the ropes it sits within.

‘Capturing live load distribution data, the system provides vessels complete transparency when it comes to rope tension, with the bridge able to see the tension in each of their mooring lines, via a dedicated app which runs on a tablet or laptop’

The first installations of the system will begin in the third quarter of this year, with four vessels using SmartRopes onboard.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor