Blue World Technologies starts construction on fuel cell technology

The methanol fuel cell developer and manufacturer, Blue World Technologies, is starting limited fuel cell production – the first step in commercialising its technology which it hopes will ‘retire the combustion engine’.

Founded in October 2018, Blue World Technologies says methanol fuel cell technology has great potential in several markets, ‘such as maritime’.

Anders Korsgaard, CEO and co-founder of Blue World Technologies, highlighted the work the company had done since its inception two years ago to bring down production time and costs of the fuel cell components.

‘We have now reached a point which enables us to move one step closer towards commercialising the technology to be able to compete with conventional technologies,’ said Korsgaard.

Blue World Technologies claims to have built up a solid order book which it says ‘reflects the market demand in the methanol fuel cell technology’. The limited production of its fuel cell technology will allow the company to deliver systems and components to customers as a first step towards scaling up the production.

The experience gained from the limited production will be used in the continued optimisation of production methods and processes as the company will move onto serial production of 2,000 to 5,000 units. Blue World Technologies is expected to continue upscaling the production with an aim to reach a full-scale commercial production capacity of 50,000 fuel cell units within three years.

‘There is an increased focus on Power-to-X and there is a big market demand for alternative technologies providing CO2 reduction, which we also see in both our current order books but also in the initiated dialogues we have with potential customers,’ said Mads Friis Jensen, CCO and Co-founder of Blue World Technologies. ‘Starting this initial production now allows us to progress with development and trial projects with customers.’

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry