Asahi orders electric-powered bunker tankers

Asahi Tanker has ordered two ‘zero-emission’ electric-powered bunker tankers from Japanese shipyards.

As previously reported by’s sister publication Bunkerspot, Asahi Tanker first announced its plans to construct the two vessels – which it says be ‘the world’s first zero-emission electric propulsion tankers’ – in March this year.

In a statement issued on Thursday (8 October), Asahi said that one tanker will be built at the Koa Sangyou shipyard with a scheduled delivery date of March 2022, and the second is set to be delivered by the Imura Zosen KK shipyard in March 2023.

Both vessels, which are based on the electric e5 tanker design developed by e5 Lab Inc., are slated to go into service as bunker vessels in Tokyo Bay.

According to Asahi Tanker: ‘The two tankers will achieve zero emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx, and particulates thanks to their all-electric core energy system, dramatically reducing their environmental impact. In addition, their reduced noise and vibration will create a more comfortable work environment for the crewmembers and limit noise pollution in the bay and its surroundings.’

The two bunker tankers will be powered completely by large-capacity lithium ion batteries.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor