J-ENG shop tests first UEC engine with low-pressure EGR

Japan Engine (J-ENG) has successfully finished the shop test of the first UEC50LSH-Eco-C2-EGR engine equipped with a low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

The shop test was completed on 6 October and the engine will be delivered to a wood chip carrier built by Onomichi Dockyard owned by Tokai Shipping.

The EGR system is a technology that enables engines to meet the NOx Tier III regulations through slow combustion with reduced oxygen concentration by mixing re-circulated exhaust gas into the fresh air intake.

J-ENG’s EGR system is a low-pressure EGR – which means that low-pressure exhaust gas extracted after the turbocharger’s turbine is re-circulated. According to J-ENG: ‘Utilising the exhaust gas after the turbocharger enables flexible engine operation by easier switch of engine operation mode with/without EGR system when sailing in/out the ECA (Emission Control Area), which contributes to stable operation of the vessel.’

J-ENG said that the low-pressure EGR system is now being applied to other UEC engine models.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor