Grimaldi Group takes delivery of hybrid Ro-Ro vessel

The Eco Valencia is the first of 12 Grimaldi Green 5th Generation (GG5G) class hybrid Ro-Ro ships ordered from the Chinese Jinling shipyard located in Nanjing. 

According to Grimaldi Group, the GG5G-class vessels will use latest-generation electronically controlled engines which are powered by fossil fuels during navigation and by electricity while at berth, guaranteeing ‘Zero Emissions in Port’. During stays at berth, they can meet the energy demands of onboard activities with just the electricity stored in lithium batteries that are recharged during navigation thanks to shaft generators and 600 m2 of solar panels.

Additionally, exhaust gas cleaning systems are installed on board the GG5G ships to reduce sulphur and particulate emissions.

Of the 12 units of the GG5G class, nine will be deployed in the Mediterranean Sea and another three will be operated by the Group subsidiary Finnlines in Northern Europe. In particular, the Eco Valencia will enter service between Italy and Spain, calling regularly at the ports of Livorno, Savona, Barcelona and Valencia.

In addition to the Eco Valencia, Grimaldi Group has also taken delivery of Pure Car & Truck Carrier (PCTC) Grande Florida. The vessel is the fifth of a series of seven sister ships that will be deployed on the weekly ro-ro connection operated by the Grimaldi Group between the Mediterranean and North America.

Grande Florida is fitted with an electronically-controlled MAN Energy Solutions main engine, as required by the new regulations for the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, as well as with an exhaust gas cleaning system for reducing sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions.

‘In particular, the delivery of the Eco Valencia represents an important milestone not only for our company but more generally for short sea shipping in the Mediterranean,’ said Emanuele Grimaldi, Group Managing Director, adding, ‘in fact, we are deploying increasingly efficient ships with an ever lower environmental impact in the “Mare Nostrum”, for the benefit not only of our customers but also of the communities in the cities we serve.’

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry