LPG-fuelled vessel to embark on milestone voyage

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)-fuelled BW Gemini is set to sail on full LPG propulsion across the Pacific Ocean in what BW LPG describes as a ‘historic first’.

The voyage, which will see BW Gemini sail from Yeosu, Korea to Houston, US via the Panama Canal, is expected to produce 20% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to compliant fuels, and use 10% less fuel, says BW LPG.

The vessel, which has been retrofitted with LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology, successfully completed week-long sea and gas trials today (4 November).

The LPG propulsion technology onboard was tested to its safe limits by a team from engine manufacturer MAN ES, BW LPG’s Newbuilding & Projects and Technical departments, and classification society DNV-GL. Following satisfactory performance, DNV-GL has awarded BW Gemini the required classification certificate.

Commenting, Pontus Berg, BW LPG Executive Vice President (Technical and Operations), said: ‘BW Gemini is a testament to what industry collaboration can achieve – together, we can pioneer the technology needed to decarbonise shipping and realise a zero-carbon future.’

Cristina Saenz de Santa Maria, Regional Manager for South East Asia, Pacific & India at DNV GL Maritime, added: ‘With the pioneering conversion to LPG, BW LPG is demonstrating that not only can shipowners step up to cut their emissions in operation, but that the conversion itself can play a role in reducing the industry’s overall environmental impact.

She continued: ‘We hope more owners will look to these kinds of new fuels as the industry moves to decarbonise and DNV GL stands ready to support the industry with our unmatched technical expertise and unique classification solutions.’

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry