Norwegian Cruise Line marks installation of scrubbers on eight ships

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and scrubber manufacturer Yara Marine Technologies have reported the finalisation of exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) installations onboard eight NCL ships.

The programme started in 2012, with the first installation on the Pride of America completed in early 2014.

Giovanni Canu, Vice President Special Projects and Operational Support for NCL, began overseeing scrubber projects from the NCL side as the first installation was nearing completion.

After the Pride of America came four sister ships in the Jewel class. Once installation on the first of these ships was complete, Canu reports that the rest were managed with only minor adjustments.

Commenting on the aims of the programme, Canu said: ‘We understand that protecting the environment is vital to our business. Preserving our oceans is one of NCL’s core company values. Installing exhaust gas cleaning systems was seen as part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.’

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor