Norwegian fishing boat using MAN digital solutions

MAN Energy Solutions has reported that its propulsion and emission technologies, combined with its data-driven service, PrimeServ Assist, and digital platform, MAN CEON, are helping the Norwegian vessel Odd Lundberg  pursue ‘environmentally-friendly fishing’.

Built in 2019, Odd Lundberg is a 70-metre trawler/purse seiner owned and operated by the business of the same name.

The vessel features an MAN propulsion package, including a four-stroke L32/44CR engine, an MAN TCR20 turbocharger and a MAN selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, backed up by the MAN PrimeServ Assist data-driven service solution enabling real-time, remote monitoring on the MAN CEON application. Furthermore, a combination of intelligent analytics and MAN experts monitor the propulsion system in real time to detect any emerging issues.

In a statement issued yesterday (4 November), Per Hansson, MAN Energy Solutions, Head of Group Digital, said: ‘MAN’s digital backbone, MAN CEON, helps PrimeServ engineers to address the particular challenges of the fishing business through maximising the reliability and availability of the engine, whilst facilitating ‘green’ fishing with the smallest CO2 footprint and lowest exhaust-gas emissions. This fits well with Odd Lundberg’s mission and vision to provide customers with the environmentally-friendly catching and fresh delivery of fish.’

Stian Lundberg, Chief Engineer at Odd Lundberg, commented: ‘We chose MAN Energy Solutions as our solution provider, because of the reliability of their technology and their high quality in data-driven services. What I like most with the PrimeServ Assist service is that the MAN team is helping us monitor the systems via MAN CEON, and making fault finding much easier and less time-consuming, especially for less obvious things. This means that the engineers on board can contribute the saved time to other value-adding tasks of their job.’

Stefan Eefting, Head of MAN PrimeServ in Augsburg, said: ‘We have delivered an integrated and optimised system solution to Odd Lundberg. The control system enables us to optimise fuel consumption and urea usage while remaining within emission limits and providing the expected engine performance. During operation, the PrimeServ Assist engineers are continuously evaluating and offering advice to optimise engine and SCR efficiency and reliability for Odd Lundberg’s specific operating profile.’

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor