RightShip rolling out Maritime Emissions Portal on worldwide basis

After a pilot programme with Pilbara Ports Authority in Australia, RightShip is offering its maritime emissions solution to ports and terminals globally.

Described as the ‘first sustainability assessment tool of its type’, the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) has been designed to support port operators to understand ship-based emissions more accurately and thereby identify opportunities to reduce emissions.

The MEP combines AIS data and RightShip;s vessel insight data to identify problem areas as well as opportunities to reduce environmental impact.

The solution’s emissions inventory is provided for CO2, SOx, NOx, PM10 PM2.5 and VOC specifically associated with port activities.

The MEP methodology covers ocean going vessels, offshore support vessels, tugboats and ‘other port specific vessels’, either based within a port or visiting on a routine basis.

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes