Jas Hennessy and Neoline ink wind ship agreement

Jas Hennessy will ship 4 million bottles of cognac each year between Montoir de Bretagne in France and Baltimore in the US using sail-equipped cargo ships developed by Nantes-based shipowner Neoline.

The 136-metre sailing ships are equipped with 4,200 square metre sail, which will enable a 90% carbon footprint reduction on the transatlantic shipping route.

Jan Hennessey uses sea and rail for 94% of its transport operations, with road representing 5% and air less than 1%.

Maritime shipments have always been the determining factor in the development of Hennessy. We want to ensure the sustainability of our business on every level, from the vine to the glass,’ said Laurent Boillot, President of Jas Hennessy & Co.

‘The innovative and planet-friendly solutions developed by NEOLINE, resonate with the adventurous DNA of the company and will allow us to significantly reduce our atmospheric emissions and work to protect biodiversity.’

Lesley Bankes-Hughes