Rozenburg Peninsula shore-based power project set to be commissioned

A shore-based power installation on the Rozenburg Penisula in Rotterdam is set to be commissioned in the first quarter of this year – and the facility could support tankers calling at Vopak Europoort.

As previously reported, the installation – which electricity company Eneco and the Port of Rotterdam are developing through Rotterdam Shore Power BV – has been constructed so that Heerema’s large vessels operating in the area can shut down their diesel generators and switch to using power from the wind turbines on the peninsula.

In a statement posted on its website today, the Port of Rotterdam said that it has now made arrangements to conduct a feasibility study to see if the installation can also be used by tankers calling at the Vopak Europoort terminal, which is located on the opposite side of the Calandkanaal of Heerema’s berth.

According to the Port of Rotterdam: ‘Connecting vessels of this kind to shore-based power poses several significant technical challenges and is therefore hardly done anywhere else in the world. It is hoped that the feasibility study that Vopak and Rotterdam Shore Power are currently conducting will find effective technical and commercial solutions to these challenges and that they may set an international standard.’

The study will be completed in the summer of 2021.

Timo Spaninks, Managing Director of Vopak Europoort, commented: ‘We are very excited about working with our partners on developing the concept. This could result in significant reductions in emissions at ports.’

Yesterday (5 January), the Port of Rotterdam reported that Park-Line Aqua has won the tender to supply the uniform shore-based power system for inland shipping and river cruises for the Port of Rotterdam Authority, North Sea Ports, Drechtsteden, the Antwerp Port Authority, and the Flemish Water Authority.

Eneco’s Stefan van Doorn, the project leader for the Rozenburg Penisula installation, discusssed the background of the project in an interview with in October. 

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

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