FKAB unveils gas-powered bitumen tanker design

FKAB Marine Design (FKAB) has presented designs for two bitumen tankers – both of which will be fuelled by LNG and LBG.

Ordered by Colas Group subsidiary Continental Bitumen, the 21,000 cbm-capacity vessels will be built by Wuhu Shipyard Co. Ltd. in China.

According to FKAB, the design is based on Continental Bitumen’s ‘high quality requirements’ with a focus on low environmental impact, long-term operation, high flexibility, and very low fuel consumption.

The design is a bitumen and oil product tanker with independent cargo tanks for bitumen and asphalt. The propulsion system consists of a four stroke DF main engine with CP-propeller using LNG/LBG as main fuels. It is designed with full battery / UPS power.

FKAB Marine Design will be involved in Basic and Detail Design, through both its FKAB Sweden and FKAB China offices.

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry

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