Adriatic LNG terminal launches consultation on open season

Adriatic LNG, which owns and operates the first offshore LNG regasification terminal in Italy, has launched a public consultation on the allocation of its regasification capacity, which could reach 153 billion cubic metres a year.

All gas and LNG market players – both at national and international levels – can access Adriatic LNG’s proposals on and should submit their responses by 22 March.

‘This is one of the largest regasification volumes ever auctioned, equivalent to over two years of natural gas consumption in Italy if we consider the average annual consumption of recent years. Our offer represents an extraordinary opportunity for national and international gas market players for diversifying their portfolios, by leveraging on the great potential offered by the global LNG market, said Sebastien Bumbolo, Adriatic LNG Law & Market manager.

‘In this way, Italy will have a new instrument to increase natural gas internal market’s competitiveness by attracting the intrinsic value of an energy source, the gas in the form of LNG, produced in many parts of the World and sold on a competitive market.’

Located off the Veneto coastline, the Adriatic LNG terminal can received LNG carriers ranging from 65,000-217,000 cubic metres of LNG.

In 2020, the terminal served six customers and the regasification capacity booking rate was higher than 87%.

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes