Everfuel joins Danish green fuels project

Hydrogen company Everfuel is to participate in a project aimed at developing a European hub for green fuels which will supply the marine market.

The hub will be located in Trekantomraadet – or Triangle Region – which comprises seven municipalities on the Danish peninsula of Jutland.

Everfuel’s HySynergy project in Fredericia, which is expected to be operational from mid-2022, is a leading facility in the hub. The project aims to develop large-scale production and storage of green hydrogen that will support the reduction of the carbon footprint within the existing Shell Fredericia refinery processes as well as establish a competitive supply of green hydrogen as zero emission fuel for heavy duty transportation.

The cooperation project partners, which include energy and technology companies COWI, Orsted, Vattenfall and the Frederica refinery, plan to develop industrial scale Power-to-X (PtX) facilities for green hydrogen made with renewable energy and further processing into ammonia and methanol for use as green marine and aviation fuels.

‘Our HySynergy Phase I 20MW electrolyser under development adjacent to the Fredericia refinery is an initial core asset for the green fuels hub,’ said Jacob Krogsgaard the CEO of Everfuel. ‘With HySynergy Phase II we plan to take it to the next level with a 300MW electrolyser, scheduled to be operational by 2025, making the Triangle Region one of the leading PtX hubs in Europe.’

HySynergy Phase II – which Everfuel says is already well underway – is expected to produce green hydrogen for zero-emission mobility and as refinery input, but production of ammonia and methanol as PtX products is also being considered.

‘Together we can develop the industrial solutions required to decarbonise society and enable zero-emission mobility,’ Krogsgaard added. ‘We look forward to the cooperation and to make our home region a Northern European beacon for green fuels through developing Power-to-X production facilities at scale.’

The initial focus will be on formalising the cooperation. The municipalities and companies will create a project group to lead the joint efforts as well as seek public European and Danish funding supporting the green transition activities.

Rhys Berry

Rhys Berry