Danfoss releases ABS-certified display for marine market

Danfoss says that its new DM430M display is specifically designed for the marine market and ‘programmable for a wide variety of vessel applications’.

The DM430M is certified for the marine market with the ABS Type Approval, which Danfoss says means that ‘customers will not have to independently test and document its performance’. It also meets electromagnetic emissions requirements to ensure no radio interference, so it can be ‘seamlessly integrated into any vessel’.

Danfoss added that the DM430M display is ‘ideal to pair with propulsion systems, in the navigation bridge, on cranes and winches, and much more’.

Ankit Shrivastava, Program Manager for Marine, Oil and Gas at Danfoss Power Solutions, commented: ‘After years specialising in making components dirt-proof, dust-proof, weather-proof, vibration-resistant and much more, we are excited to offer the same rugged durability for marine markets.’

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

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