Becker Marine’s COBRA battery system secures DNV GL certification

With full certification, including IEC 62619 and IEC 62620, the COBRA system can now be installed on inland waterway and ocean-going vessels.

‘We have achieved the highest standard of safety since our COBRA system also meets all safety requirements down to the level of the individual cell,’ commented Dirk Lehmann, Managing Director of Hamburg-based Becker Marine Systems.

The company also said that it is increasing COBRA production at its Winsen (Luhe) location, due to the growing demand for it compact battery system.

Lehmann also noted: ‘Thanks to continuous further development, Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) technology has now been found to be a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to the cobalt-based cell technologies used until now.

‘This cell chemistry eliminates the risk of fire in the event of a short circuit or overheating, for example, but we still get a compact system with high energy density.

Becker Marine says it has already received initial orders for the new battery system for use in a workboat with 420 kWh battery capacity and for a tourist passenger ship. Both systems are scheduled for delivery this year.

The COBRA system is also currently being tested in combination with fuel cells for use in hybrid drive systems.

The new technology is also facilitating access to funding German federal and state levels. As Lehmann explains: ‘Following a decision by the Ministry of Transport, coastal and inland vessels are eligible for subsidies to convert to emission-reducing propulsion systems – and this naturally includes battery systems.’

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Lesley Bankes-Hughes

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