Spliethoff takes delivery of scrubber-equipped DP2 B-type vessel

Netherlands-based Spliethoff has announced the delivery of the scrubber-equipped DP2 B-type vessel, MV Bloemgracht

The multi-purpose ship is the second in a series of two identical DP2 B-type vessels, which also feature SCR-systems, built at Fuzhou Mawei shipyard. The first vessel, MV Brouwersgracht, was delivered earlier this year.

‘The Spliethoff DP2 B-type vessels are the next generation offshore supply vessels with a number of versatile characteristics that make them unique in the market,’ Spliethoff said today (11 August).

‘These state-of-the-art vessels combine the intake of a multi-purpose vessel with a superior DP2 station keeping ability, making them ideal for supplying large volumes and weights of cargo directly offshore. To obtain fast, safe and efficient loading and discharge of pipes both on and offshore, the vessels are equipped with a removable automated pipe handling gantry crane.

‘Besides, the vessels are equipped with two Huisman 500 mt Heavy Lift Mast cranes, making them also suitable for heavy lift transportation and offshore installation.’ In February, Spliethoff confirmed that both the MV Brouwersgracht and MV Bloemgracht had been booked for their first pipe supply and offshore installation jobs until April 2024.

Image: Spliethoff

Rhys Berry