Odfjell to install suction sails on deep-sea chemical tanker

Norway-based Odfjell is to install wind-assisted technology provider bound4blue’s eSAIL system on a chemical tanker.

In doing so, the vessel will become the first tanker in the world to harness the technology, Odfjell said.

‘Since 2020, we have been studying sail technologies as a potential energy efficiency measure for our fleet, and we are excited to now take the next step by partnering with bound4blue to implement their pioneering eSAIL system on one of our chemical tankers,’ said Jan Opedal, Manager Projects at Odfjell. ‘This technology has significant potential to reduce emissions by harvesting the energy on the ship itself and transforming it directly into a forward thrust.’

Odfjell’s partnership with bound4blue aims to expand access to the eSAIL technology within the tanker shipping segment. The company says the decision to collaborate with bound4blue was supported by an extensive study conducted by Swedish SSPA, evaluating various Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems (WAPS) for the Odfjell fleet. The installation will be completed in 2024.

‘This project marks another leap in our dedication to decarbonisation. As the first tanker company to test the suction-sail technology, we demonstrate our innovative capabilities and dedication to a more sustainable shipping sector,’ said Erik Hjortland, VP Technology.

‘We all have a responsibility to use as few resources as possible, and Odfjell’s long-time efforts in energy efficiency have significantly reduced our fleet’s emissions. The work continues, and we look forward to documenting further improvements with the installation of suction sails.’

David Ferrer, CTO, bound4blue, added: ‘We are thrilled to team up with Odfjell for our first-ever installation in the tanker segment. They are true pioneers in innovation and sustainability, setting the bar for decarbonisation in the industry. We are pleased that they have chosen our technology after their thorough analysis, confirming that we are headed in the right direction. Working with their open and collaborative team has been fantastic, and we are confident that our joint efforts will unlock significant value for the industry.’

As previously reported, last month, bound4blue announced it had successfully installed two 17-metre-high eSAILs on the Amasus-owned general cargo vessel Eems Traveller, marking the largest installation of fixed suction sails on a ship to date.

Image: Illustration by NagellD

Rhys Berry