StormGeo launches EU ETS Solution

The weather intelligence and vessel optimisation specialist StormGeo has informed that it has launched a new tool which will help shipping companies to manage their EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) exposure more efficiently

In a statement sent to today (8 November), StormGeo, said the solution will generate, monitor and manage carbon emissions and build a validated data stream that allows for streamlined data sharing and stakeholder collaboration.

Petter Andersen, Senior Vice President Shipping Digital at StormGeo, commented: ‘All data collected onboard through StormGeo’s s-Insight platform are thoroughly checked by StormGeo’s digital validation rules. This data stream ensures maximum reporting accuracy, supporting collaboration between owners and charterers in line with commercial requirements.’

StormGeo’s EU ETS solution will be available to the market through the s-Insight platform.

Image: StormGeo

Ian Taylor