Boskalis commissions large-scale shore power facility in Rotterdam

Boskalis has commissioned a large-scale shore power facility at its premises in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam.

As previously reported, the dredging and heavy lift specialist announced its vessels would be plugging into the facility last year. The Boskalis location in the Waalhaven is the third quayside electricity installation for seagoing vessels in the Port of Rotterdam after the shore power electricity installation on the Rozenburg peninsula and the Hoek van Holland ferry terminal in Rotterdam.

Following the commissioning of the Waalhaven facility, Boskalis’ moored vessels will switch off their diesel-powered generators and use green shore power. The shore power installation will also be used for a variety of land-based electrical equipment deployed by Boskalis to carry out projects in the region.

‘The shore power installation is expected to generate 2 GWh of green electricity per year, resulting in an annual CO2 reduction of 1,600 tonnes,’ Boskalis said in a statement today (15 November). ‘In addition, shore power contributes significantly to improving air quality by reducing particulate matter and nitrogen emissions and contributes positively to the living environment by reducing noise levels.’

Boskalis sources the green shore power from Rotterdam Shore Power (a joint venture between Eneco and the Port of Rotterdam Authority), which owns the shore power installation, with Boskalis having realised the grid connection in-house. The green power supplied by Eneco originates from its Dutch wind and solar sources. The project is co-financed by the municipality of Rotterdam and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

Image: Boskalis

Rhys Berry