HMM launches Supply Chain Carbon Calculator

HMM says its newly launched Supply Chain Carbon Calculator will allow customers to ‘enhance their carbon footprint visibility across the entire logistics journey.’

The new digital platform provides customers with analytical data on total GHG emissions generated from Place of Receipt to Place of Delivery, including door locations. With the calculator, HMM says customers can better manage their emissions for all container flows and choose the most eco-friendly mode of transport.

The Supply Chain Carbon Calculator follows an industry-accredited methodology for inland and ocean transportation. The ocean-leg emissions have employed the Clean Cargo methodology, which provides a set of industry average emission factors for maritime container transport per trade lane. For inland transport, emissions are calculated in line with the Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC) framework.

With the Supply Chain Carbon Calculator, the emission would be expressed by selecting the emission type between Well-to-Wake (WTW) and Tank-to-Wake (TTW). Customers can mark the estimated emissions on the bill of lading, and the relevant certificate can be issued based on actual transport data.

HMM expects the digital tool to create synergy with its Green Sailing Service, assisting customers in reducing its Scope 3 GHG emissions by sailing with low-carbon fuels.

‘There has been a growing interest in sustainability and green transportation solutions, accelerating the need for reducing emissions,’ said an HMM official. ‘We will continue to seek a better way to ensure full visibility of tracking carbon footprint, thereby making significant headway in reaching carbon neutrality.’

Image: HMM official website – Supply Chain Carbon Calculator

Rhys Berry