Former Global Maritime Forum experts set up new consultancy focusing on maritime sustainability

Kasper Søgaard and Sandra Fisher-Martins, who were both previously with the Global Maritime Forum, have set up a new consultancy – called MakingSense – which will look to help companies in the maritime industry achieve their decarbonisation and sustainability objectives.

Søgaard was with the Global Maritime Forum for five years, serving in roles which included Head of Research, Head of Institutional Strategy and Development and Senior Advisor. Of particular importance for his new role, he Ied the development on a number of decarbonisation initiatives, including the Getting to Zero Coalition, Poseidon Principles and All Aboard Alliance.

Fisher-Martins was a Senior Development Lead at the Global Maritime Forum in 2022/2023 and previously designed and drove climate action programmes for the Oxfordshire County Council in the UK.

Speaking to this morning, Fisher-Martins said that MakingSense will aim to help maritime companies ‘align commercial success and sustainability’.

Contact details:

Kasper Søgaard. Email: [email protected]; Tel: +45 2763 1060

Sandra Fisher-Martins. Email: [email protected]; Tel: +45 3132 7528


Images: MakingSense

Ian Taylor