NZ power company to replace diesel-powered vessel with Candela’s electric hydrofoil ferry

New Zealand power company Meridian Energy is set to bring the world’s first electric hydrofoiling ferry to Lake Manapōuri, Candela P-12.

The new, Swedish-made Candela P-12 electric hydrofoil ferry will provide daily transport for the staff and contractors servicing the country’s largest hydro power station, Manapōuri Power Station. According to Candela, the vessel will save 240 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

‘We have to be bold and innovative to reduce emissions. This deal is the result of a global search to identify the latest and best technology for our needs, and one that’s suitable for such an incredible natural environment,’ said Tania Palmer, Meridian’s GM of Generation.

‘The Candela P-12 is an exciting replacement for the diesel ferry we currently use to transport people across the lake to the power station. It’ll drastically reduce emissions and, at the same time, give our team what’s arguably the best and most spectacular commute in the world.’

Meridian has signed a deal with Swedish company Candela to provide the P-12 and will be the first customer outside Europe to take delivery of the electric shuttle ferry.

Flying on computer-guided hydrofoils, the P-12’s hull rises above the water at high speed, which Candela says reduces energy consumption by 80% when compared to traditional vessels, and allows for long range and high-speed travel using battery power only.

‘We’re excited to partner with a global leader in the transition to sustainable energy and global decarbonisation and thrilled to soon see our P-12 in action on Lake Manapōuri,’ said Gustav Hasselskog, Candela CEO.

‘We thank Meridian for leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future.’

The Candela P-12 is expected to begin operating on Lake Manapouri in 2025.

Image: Candela

Rhys Berry