Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. and partners looking to commercialise rigid sail technology in 2027

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. has announced that it is working to commercialise a rigid sail as a new device for energy-saving in cooperation with Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding Co. and Akishima Laboratories.

According to Tsuneishi Shipbuilding, the wing-shape rigid sail, which can be installed on existing vessels with ‘minimal modification,’ retains its shape, even in wind. Auxiliary propulsion devices generate propulsive force while the technology uses wind to save energy.

‘Our group plans to install it on an actual vessel in 2026 and commercialise it in 2027,’ the Japanese shipbuilder said in a statement today (13 June).

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding will coordinate the entire development project and design and manufacture the equipment, while Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding will study the control system and sail shape, and Akishima Laboratories will carry out performance evaluation using fluid analysis (CFD analysis) and other methods on the developed rigid sail.

Image: Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co.

Rhys Berry