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2023 RECAP

Sustainable Marine Fuels,
for Sustainable Maritime Transportation

Sustainable Marine Fuel Fest (formerly known as Gas Fest) is a unique ‘for industry, by industry’ forum that explores all marine fuels and technologies that will support shipping on its decarbonisation pathway.

This inspiring and highly collaborative gathering will bring together key stakeholders across the marine fuel value system to align on decarbonisation strategies, stress-test policy and regulation as well as uncover the rationale for investment decisions in various fuels and technologies.

Instead of relying on a select few industry experts for “content”, collaboration underpins SMF Fest’s unique methodology. We will co co-create an immersive and enjoyable experience that is a real disruptor in the shipping conference world, and one which will deliver actionable and measurable outcomes for all participants.

SMF Fest 2024, scheduled for 2-3 October 2024 in Porto, Portugal

will be the premier meeting place for marine fuel leaders to:

  • Revisit the SMF Confidence Index built in 2023 (link to the CI)
  • Explore what changes need to happen in order for certain fuels to move up the Confidence Index
  • Challenge and be challenged by a wide array of group discussion hosts covering topics from investment potential to CO2 abatement to multi-industry perspectives (e.g. aviation and land transport)
  • Work in small groups on specific tasks as input into the final event report
  • Re-connect with old and new industry peers in carefully designed activities throughout the 1.5 day event

“Hands on approach, room for discussion, down to earth.”

Business Development
OCI Fuels

SMF FEST 2024 Venue

Rua do Choupelo 39, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portuga

What makes the SMF Fest experience truly unique?

Acknowledging the combined value of experience and diversity of views that make up SMF Fest participants, we employ a uniquely engaging methodology to get the most out of our time together.

To that end, SMF Fest is an intimate gathering (~80 pax, by invitation only) with very few plenary sessions and an abundance of interactive problem-solving exercises.
And instead of experiencing a typical conference agenda, participants are taken on a journey that oncovers the true issues at hand and provide a setting for collaborative and meaningful discussions.

In breakout groups, along with mini classroom sessions, participants pick the topics they’re interested in and rotate around the room (topics are repeated, depending on demand).

The group then comes back together for a final fish bowl discussion, where the results of the individual group work is presented / challenged and participants volunteer to continue work on the topics that most resonate with them.

We also utilise live graphical scribing extensively, along with custom-designed workboards, in order to effectively capture the discussions ‘as they happen’. Participants can look forward to deep introductions, a welcome stand-up tapas supper and a closing family-style fiesta to strengthen those connections they’ll build during the event.

Lastly, the ‘Fest’ in SMF Fest means we plan to have fun while we solve the most complex challenges facing our industry!

“An opportunity to have unfiltered discussions, meet many different players in our industry and share views”

– Director-General, France Gaz Maritime

  • 100% of participants would recommend it to their colleagues and peers
  • 100% of participants said they would join a future edition
  • 100% of participants said it lived up to its claim of not being “just another Gas event”

Current SMF Fest 2024 Partners include:

This gathering is now in its 7th year, with these editions successfully held in the past: Nov 2017 (Amsterdam), Feb 2019 (Lisbon), Jun 2022 (Barcelona) and Nov 2023 (Valencia) as a partnership event among these industry organisations and more…

“Really good set up for the small discussion groups. Very good mix of content and networking”

– Director – Sustainability, Hapag-Lloyd AG

The questions SMF Fest tackles

What are my current & future shipping fuel options?

  • What are some practical ways to reduce our maritime carbon footprint?
  • What about local emissions?
  • Why can’t we use ammonia or hydrogen now?​
  • Do we have all the right stakeholders in the room?
  • What do we wish regulators knew?
  • What makes industry success stories so successful?
  • What can we learn from other industries?

“Wonderful experience in an environment that motivates to speak, listen, and share ideas and knowledge”

– Bunker Trader & Green Fuels Advisor, Glander International